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About Us

Bar None is your complete bar service. Professional bartenders with a passion for cocktails and creating a next level event  for you and your guests. We aim to raise the bar and create an experience your guests will never forget

Signature Cocktails

What better way to enhance the theme of your event than through a signature cocktail for your guests

Bar Essentials

Every bar set up is different and unique in its own way. What does your bar need to have? Consultations for bar essentials can be made below

About Us

Cocktail service at its best -  Bar None

For Bar None our passion is built into every drink we serve. The quality of ingredients, craftsmanship, and service are the main priority for every event.  As the host, we want you to be able to mingle and enjoy the party that you worked so hard to organize. We'll take care of the cocktails so you can enjoy the company. Our cocktail service includes the full set up and take down of the bar area in a timely fashion and will also help with clean up after the event. 

We recommend one bartender per 100 people -  Bar back is recommended but not required. 

Bar set up is availble to rent: 

Tables - Coolers - Large cocktail dispenser

Discounts may apply for preferred venue or larger parties. For pricing and further questions please inquire for a full quote. 

A better Bar

We've worked out all the questions of what 'should' a bar consist of and why. Whether you're a new or established  restaurant, or a frequent at home host, we want to provide you with the knowledge and tools to have the best bar for your guests. 

Our services for bar knowledge include:

- Bar essentials

- Menu revision 

- Creating a cocktail menu 

- Waste not

Bar Essentials

You cannot build up if you do not have a proper foundation. That goes for just about anything, including your bar. Currently we have a market with millions of alcohols in all shapes, sizes, variants, and profiles that it is intimidating to begin choosing. We would love to sit down with you to make that process easier. Contact us for a consultation!

Menu Revision

The bar menu can be as simple or complex as you would like it to be. Depending on your vision for the restaurant you may want a book that lays out all the drinks, liquors, beer and wine that you offer. Alternatively you may want to take a more simple approach to menu layout. Before you pull your hair out from all the options we can discuss the pros, and cons on how to build your menu.

Creating a cocktail menu

A good cocktail menu should compliment its surroundings and pronounce the theme of the restaurant or event. We can work with you to create cocktails per event or seasonally. Contact us for a consultation below.

Waste not

The worst thing you can do is have alcohol sit on a shelf and never get used. Unless you're into expensive bottle decorations. We want to work with you to either create cocktails or form different ways to help you get through those bottles of alcohol or wine that just don't seem to want to sell. 


Q:  How much is a consultation? 

A: The first hour is 50.00 and 25.00 for every hour after. Other fees may apply. 

Q: Do I get to keep the cocktail recipes? 

A: Yes the recipes created for your restaurant are for you to keep and use. 

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